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06th Dec 2023

Royals put on a united front amid Omid Scobie scandal

Kat O'Connor

The royals attended a reception at Buckingham Palace last night

The royals put on a united front amid the Omid Scobie scandal.

Kate Middleton and King Charles were both accused of being the royals who were ‘concerned’ about Archie’s skin tone.

The pair was accidentally named in the Dutch version of Omid Scobie’s book ‘End Game’.

The author claims he did not name the pair and stressed that the publication of their names was not deliberate.

Despite the major scandal, the royals have not yet addressed it, and many believe they will remain silent on the matter.

Last night, King Charles and Queen Camilla were joined by the Prince and Princess of Wales.

The family were all smiles at the Buckingham Palace gala on Tuesday evening.

The night was hosted in honour of the Diplomatic Corps.

King Charles has not publicly commented on the scandal, but insiders claim he may take legal action.

However, their main priority is carrying out their royal duties and acting as normal.

An insider told The Mirror: “We are very much focused on the job at end.”

Omid Scobie has slammed claims he revealed the two senior royals involved in the race row.

He stressed that there is now a version of his book that reveals their identity.

He stated: “The book is available in a number of languages and unfortunately I can’t speak Dutch so I haven’t seen the copy for myself, but if there have been any translation errors I am sure the publisher has got it under control.

“For me, I edited and wrote the English version; there has never been a version that I’ve produced that has names in it.”