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05th Dec 2023

Molly-Mae ‘seeking advice’ from Paris Fury amid viral video of Tommy partying

Jody Coffey

Paris Fury and Molly-Mae

Molly-Mae Hague is reportedly ‘seeking advice’ from her soon-to-be sister-in-law, Paris Fury, following the upload of a now-viral video of her fiance, Tommy Fury, partying in Abu Dhabi.

In the clip, the boxer can be seen dancing in a crowd with Chris Brown.

Simultaneously, Molly, who was back in the UK with their 11-month-old daughter, Bambi, opted to forego her engagement ring, which sparked concern about the couple’s relationship status.

Inside sources have now claimed that the former PLT Creative Director has looked to Tommy’s brother’s wife, Paris, for support and advice on how to deal with this type of situation.

Paris and Tommy’s older brother, Tyson Fury, have been married since 2008, and the couple shares seven children.

A source told OK! Magazine that the two women have become very close and that Molly will often go to her for advice.

“Paris has been through similar things with Tyson, so she understands what Molly is going through, and she’s a great support for her.

“She’s told Molly she needs to pull the reins in and put her foot down with Tommy. Paris is a very strong woman, and Tyson wouldn’t be who he is today without her,” the source continued.

“Paris has warned her that if you give him an inch, he’ll take a mile. So she needs to make it clear it won’t happen again.”

The couple, who met on season five of Love Island, appear to have put the scandal behind them as Molly has been spotted wearing her engagement ring again.

The social media influencer has been vocal about her feelings about Tommy drinking, writing in her memoir, ‘Becoming Molly-Mae’, that their only fallouts occur over alcohol.

“The only major arguments Tommy and I have had have been to do with him drinking.

“Which he only does a few times a year. He won’t even do anything wrong; I’ll just lose it at him because I hate it,” she wrote.