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27th Mar 2024

Outrage as woman says doctor told her to “be quiet” during labour


This new mum was shocked by what her doctor did

A mum has opened up after her doctor reportedly told her to be quiet during childbirth.

Taking to TikTok, user @yasmynswitzer said she was giving birth to her third baby when she was taken aback by the unusual comment.

Yasmin had opted for a home birth and spent most of her labour at her house, but when things didn’t go exactly as planned, she was taken to the hospital.

She started by explaining how she had asked for a glass of water upon arrival but was left waiting half an hour before someone brought it to her.

“When I got there I immediately asked for water because I was really thirsty and staying hydrated is pretty important when you’re in labour.

“I asked for water and 20 minutes went by maybe even 30 and they hadn’t brought me water and I still wasn’t hooked up to an IV, so I said can my fiancé just go and get me water? I was super nice.”

She emphasised that she’s not the kind of person to be “cursing at doctors” during labour, and said she was making sure to be polite.

She continued: “The doctor came in right after my water broke, right before I started pushing and then as I’m pushing I’m not like screaming or even being really loud I’m kind of moaning.

“And in the middle of one of my contractions, as I’m pushing and I’m making noise, the doctor goes… “You to be quiet so I can hear’.”

“It was so rude, I’ve been with this doctor a lot throughout my pregnancies and she’s not always had the best bedside mannerisms.”

Followers were left shocked and took to the comments to share their opinions.

“I would write the hospital a letter. So uncalled for! Especially at such a vulnerable time for you,” one person said.

“I would’ve told the doctor to get out of my room immediately, that’s not acceptable at all,” another said.

“You’re literally pushing a human out of you, they have no right,” a third added.