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04th Jan 2024

Molly-Mae praised for being so honest about her intimacy struggles

Kat O'Connor

Molly-Mae has been in a relationship with Tommy Fury since 2019

Molly-Mae has been praised by her followers for being so honest about her intimacy struggles.

The mum jetted off to the Maldives with Tommy Fury and their baby Bambi at the end of 2023, but it wasn’t meant to be a family trip.

Molly-Mae and Tommy were hoping to travel without Bambi, but they felt guilty about leaving her alone.

It was their daughter’s first New Year’s so they decided to make a change at the last minute.

The mum told her followers: “Originally it was meant to be just me and Tommy going for a romantic holiday.

“Our present to one another for Christmas was going to be a trip away.”

She explained that they wanted to get closer so decided to plan a romantic trip together, but things didn’t work out in the end.

“Up until quite recently, it was meant to be just me and him but as it got closer, we both said we didn’t feel comfortable spending New Year’s away from Bambi. It was breaking both our hearts and as much as we felt we wanted that time together.

“Since having Bambi, so coming up to a year now, Tommy and I haven’t had any proper time together.

“We have date nights and go to the cinema but I don’t really feel like that counts as proper time as a couple – like adult intimate nice quality time together,” she said.

Molly-Mae’s followers praised her for being so honest about her relationship.

So many people believe everything is perfect on the outside.