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05th Dec 2023

Kate Garraway shares Christmas plans following husband Derek Draper’s latest hospital admission

Jody Coffey

Kate Garrway & Derek Draper

‘Good Morning Britan’ presenter, Kate Garraway, has shared what Christmas will look like for her and her husband, Derek Draper, this year.

When Derek contracted Covid-19 in March 2020, he spent over a year in the hospital, as well as frequent visits since, and now requires round-the-clock care.

He recently was admitted to the hospital again for further treatment ahead of the Christmas holidays.

Kate, however, confirmed to OK! Magazine that, thankfully, his hospital stay is not an ’emergency’.

“Derek’s in hospital having some treatment. It’s not an emergency thing, it’s not a dramatic rush back into intensive care thank goodness – it’s something that started last year that we hope will lead to improvement.”

The pair share two children; Darcey, 17, and William, 14.

The broadcaster also shared what their family’s Christmas plans are and how they will need to be adjusted to cater to Derek’s health condition.

She says that they intend to host their immediate and wider family at their London home this year, adding that she will also spread the celebrations out over four or five days to see as many family members as possible.

“It’s a practical solution because it’s quite challenging for Derek to travel,” she said. “So it’s easier for people to come to us, which means they have to suffer my cooking,” she joked.

In spite of Derek and the family’s ‘new normal’, Kate maintains positivity towards her husband’s recovery in the future.

“Every day we wait and see. There isn’t a dramatic improvement, but touch wood things haven’t gone backwards either. So we’re adjusting to a new normal.”