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24th Jul 2023

Love Island fans are worried one islander will quit before the final

Love Island fans are worried that one islander will quit the show before making it to next week’s final.

Fans are now voicing their concerns over whether or not Scott will make the decision to leave the villa early before making it to the final few days.

The footballer entered the villa as a bombshell who coupled up with Irish islander Catherine, and quickly became a fan favourite.

Catherine ended up returning from Casa Amor with Elom, leaving Scott single and heartbroken.

Scott is now in a couple with Abi after she and Mitchel had a dramatic break up, but not all is what it seems for Scott and Abi’s future.

During last night’s ‘Meet The Parents’ episode, Scott admitted to his family and other islanders that he planned on ending things with Abi.

Viewers quickly took to Twitter to share their fears that Scott could quit the show after failing to find love.

One fan said: “Whatever happens it’s not long now” LMAOOO Scott is literally counting down til when he can go home because y’all refuse to free him by continuously voting for him.’

Another wrote: “It’s either y’all make Catherine comes back or y’all let Scott out, because I can’t sit there watching my man suffer with this woman anymore.”

A third wrote: “Scott I can’t lie, leave this babe and quit the show with your head held high.”

A fourth added: “I have a tiny feeling that Scott will quit villa soon. Can’t wait to see family in tonight & I hope his family have let him know he is soo loved on the outside.”