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19th Mar 2024

Kate Middleton’s rumoured return date amid spiralling conspiracy theories

Sophie Collins

Kate Middleton

Everyone seems to be wondering when Kate will return to the public eye to shut down wild conspiracy theories

Amidst a flurry of speculation, Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, has been notably absent from her royal duties since undergoing abdominal surgery in January. 

The Palace has been clear about her hiatus, yet the void left by her absence has sparked so much discussion online and in the tabloids.

The spiralling conspiracy theories flooding social media and front page splashes are fuelled in part by rumours of a photoshopped picture and the absence of her wedding ring.

However, those eagerly awaiting her return may not have to wait much longer. 

Recent reports from The Telegraph suggest that Kate is considering a comeback to the public eye, with Easter Sunday being earmarked as a potential date for her reappearance. 

It’s speculated that she might join the royal family for their customary walk to St George’s Chapel, marking her first official engagement since Christmas Day – excluding a couple of paparazzi-captured moments in recent weeks.

While there’s no definitive confirmation from official sources, insiders suggest that this Easter appearance could serve as a soft launch for her return. 

Although it’s also reported that Kate hasn’t made a final decision, the opportunity to reconnect with the public before the royals’ Easter break seems fitting.

Concerns about Kate’s health have lingered, but according to sources close to her, clarity should come after Easter. 

It’s thought that she may address her medical situation following the holiday, potentially during a traditional royal walkabout where she can interact directly with the public.

Despite the speculation, details regarding Kate’s health remain closely guarded. It’s expected that any disclosure about her condition will come from the Princess directly in the coming weeks.