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14th Mar 2024

Danielle McLaughlin: All we know as Irish woman’s murder case remains unsolved

Sophie Collins

Danielle McLaughlin

Seven years have passed since the tragic murder of Danielle McLaughlin, a 28-year-old Irish woman whose promising life was abruptly cut short while traveling through Goa, India. 

Yesterday, March 13th marked the sombre anniversary, prompting her grieving family to once again raise their voices in the pursuit of justice and closure for Danielle.

Despite the time that has passed, Danielle’s family continues to grapple with the agonisingly slow progress of the Indian justice system in resolving her case. 

Shockingly, the proceedings have been dragged through the courts over 250 times, with each hearing lasting a mere half-hour. 

Compounding the frustration, many of these court dates have been adjourned due to the suspect’s unavailability, leaving critical witnesses yet to testify. 

Danielle’s story gained national attention once again with a Prime Time special on RTE, shedding light on the intricate details of her case. 

What happened to Danielle McLaughlin?

The horrific events unfolded in 2017 when Danielle’s lifeless body was discovered on March 14th in a remote area of Canacona, Goa. 

Reports indicate that she had been subjected to a brutal rape and murder, shattering the lives of her loved ones. 

Before her untimely death, Danielle had shared her plans to travel to India in March to participate in The Holi festival, a Hindu celebration of colours. 

Having previously volunteered at an orphanage in the region, she was no stranger to the area. 

Additionally, she had expressed that she wanted to learn to teach yoga, further highlighting her adventurous spirit as a young woman.

The prime suspect in Danielle’s murder, a 24-year-old man known to her, was apprehended just hours after the discovery of her body. 

However, despite his prolonged time behind bars, he has yet to face charges which is a testament to the slow pace of the legal proceedings. 

During the Prime Time special, Danielle’s sister Joleen voiced the family’s frustration, expressing a desperate longing for closure. 

Danielle McLaughlin
Danielle’s mum and sister on RTE Prime Time

Despite the relentless hurdles, there remains a glimmer of hope as a higher court in India has suggested that the case could conclude by the end of 2024. 

However, for Danielle’s family, tempered optimism is overshadowed by the years of disappointment and uncertainty they have faced so far.

The ongoing journey toward justice has taken an immeasurable toll, leaving them wary of placing too much faith in the legal system’s promises. 

As they await the next steps in the legal process, Danielle’s memory lives on as a beacon of hope in the face of injustice. 

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