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19th Jul 2018

BRAVO! Meghan and Kate’s ‘wedding photos’ have gone viral

Rebecca O'Keeffe

meghan and kate

‘Doing the Lord’s work!’

Okay, we enjoyed Harry and Meghan’s wedding.

The pictures were cute, the dress was fab and the priest was gas.

HOWEVER, I recently stumbled upon the royal wedding pictures we truly deserve.

One fabulous Internet user has created wedding pictures featuring two brides… Meghan and Kate.

All I can say is – thank GOD for Photoshop.

A Twitter user, spidertxm, created these mock wedding pictures – and they’ve been a total hit online.

Fans of the two women and the LGBTQI+ community have been singing the praises of the altered images.

She tweeted the images, saying: “Hi, I photoshopped Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton getting married haha THAT’S GAY!”

The pictures are a divine combination of the two royal weddings, sans grooms!

The reactions have been hilarious and positive on Twitter.

“God works hard, but you work harder,” wrote one user.

Another said: “I love how you have created a phenomenon!”

A number of Twitter users have also jumped on the bandwagon, sharing their own versions of the Photoshopped royals.

Honestly, I could look at these all day.