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28th Mar 2023

Blake Lively hilariously trolls football fan who asked her to say hi to his girlfriend

Learning the Ryan Reynolds way

Blake Lively brutally trolled a Wrexham fan after he asked her to say hi to his girlfriend.

Lively was in attendance alongside Wrexham co-owner Ryan Reynolds over the course of the weekend and one fan at the ground, Sam, spotted the Gossip Girl star.

It’s not every day that multiple Hollywood celebrities are in the same location so Sam took upon this opportunity to ask for a surprise message to his girlfriend.

Pulling out his phone, he shouted: “Blake, Blake! Could you say ‘Hi’ to Stephanie? It’s my girlfriend!”

However Lively used this moment to troll him, replying, “Hi Stephanie!”, waving and smiling before quickly adding: “You should leave him!”

Blake sounded surprised by her own comment, gasping and shouting “What!?” before running away to leave the Wrexham fans around her in a fit of laughter.

Sam also took the Blake Lively joke in good spirits and pretended to groan in disappointment.

Luckily for Sam it appears that his girlfriend didn’t take on board the actresses’ advice and shared a video to Twitter with the caption: “Steph’s cried happiness and she’s absolutely over the moon.

“Luckily she hasn’t broke up with me! Thanks again, Blake Lively.”

The Gossip Girl star also shared it with her own followers, saying: “Best day ever.”

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