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02nd Feb 2022

Green foundation can work wonders – and some women are just finding out now

Katy Brennan

Literally magic.

The days of cakey foundation are long behind us and we’re always looking for something that can give us that flawless but “barely there” look.

Well, according to TikTok and its endless (but sometimes expert) beauty advice, green foundation is what we need. Yes, green.

Beauty gurus are claiming it cancels out any redness in the skin and changes colour to match your skin time, as well as giving a super smooth finish.

Influencer Christine Abraham tried it out in a now-viral video, using Loreal’s C’est Magic Anti-Redness CC cream – and the results speak for themselves.

While initially hesitant, Christine began rubbing the foundation onto her face, and was left pretty surprised by the dewy and glowing end result.

@christineabrahamm GREEN foundation?! I’m so confused on how well this product worked! #beautyreview #beautyhacks #makeuptutorial ♬ Let’s Groove – absolutesnacc

“This is crazy… that looks really good,” she said. “I am confused about how well that worked. My skin looks like skin – but better. I’m obsessed.”

Viewers were just as stunned by the results and rushed to the comments.

“NEED to buy that right now,” one person said.

“It looks STUNNING,” another wrote.

The video has since racked up 23.6 million views, while countless others have put the foundation to the test themselves.

@ellie_mua Testing the viral @L’Oréal Paris CC c’est Magic ✨ what do you guys think? #cccream #makeup #fyp #makeuphacks #magic #viral ♬ TO THE MOON – Jnr Choi & Sam Tompkins

Of course, using the colour wheel in makeup is nothing new. Green is placed opposite red and so the two cancel each other out. Similarly, orangey shade will cancel out dark blueish hues and work great to hide under eye circles.

Naturally, a lot of commenters were quick to point this out.

“Full circle. In early 2000s. we used so much green concealer against our redness,” one person wrote.

“It’s called colour theory,” another said.

A third simply added: “Wow. Zoomers found out how colour works!”

While that may be true, it’s still hard to argue with that flawless finish. *Adds to cart*