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12th Oct 2017

Woman takes a stand against brow ‘trends’ with the ‘ponytail brow’

It's fake.
ponytail brow

Enough is enough, lads.

We’ve heard about feather brows. We’ve seen braided brows. 

But look, sometimes enough is enough and there’s only so much we can do to our brows and call it a “trend.”

At least that’s what makeup artist Mary Ivani thinks.

Unlike many, she’s not absolutely enthralled by all of these brow trends… especially when the pictures being shared are actually photoshopped and not even a little bit real.

As a very serious MUA, Mary doesn’t like that people are sharing fake brow photos and getting recognition for it.

So in order to vent her frustrations, she decided to take the piss out of the whole thing by creating a ponytail brow.

You can probably guess what it’s going to look like.

A post shared by Mary Jane (@maryivani) on

Yep, a brow with a literal ponytail photoshopped onto the end.


In the post’s caption, Mary certainly did not hold back.

She wrote:

“OmG wAvYbRoWs and BrAiDeDbRoWs (insert spongebob meme) what about PONYTAIL BROWS WOWWWWWW

“Gettin real tired of edited brows that get recognition lol its fake (this is not this is my real brow hair) lol.”

You sure told us, Mary.

However, after some digging, it became apparent that even though Mary was making fun of a brow trend that absolutely does not exist, it… does exist.

Behold, the ponytail brow in all its glory.

Probably not as on the nose as Mary’s creation, but there’s a definite ponytail featured in this look.

Here, the MUA has opted to go for a low-ponytail look, as opposed to the high-ponytail look we saw earlier.

Arguably, this one is easier to create if you don’t have access to basic photo editing skills too.

So if you’re any way brow ponytail inclined, your prayers have been answered.