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21st Aug 2017

Woman hit by a car leaves makeup review on way to hospital

Well, we'll definitely be buying this setting spray.

We’re going to be adding this to our make-up bag.

In what is probably the most unexpected make-up review, a woman from Texas left a consumer report on the Ultra Beauty website while on her way to the hospital.

The lady, named Sofia, was hit by a car while wearing the NYX Professional Makeup Matte Finish Setting Spray, and in the review she explains that her make-up stayed in place all the way from the road to the hospital and back to her home.

She even explained that it was raining at the time of the incident as well:

Her review starts off by saying: “I was hit by a car (this is true).

“I was hit by a car and through the hit itself, the rain, the ambulance ride, and the hours in the hospital my make-up stayed completely intact the entire time.

“When I was discharged from the hospital I had to take off my make-up and none of it had moved.

“If this setting spray can survive being hit by a car then that’s all the proof I need and I’ll definitely be buying it again.”

Now, that’s what you call tried and tested.

While we’re hoping Sofia is OK after her accident, we can’t wait to try out the setting spray.

NYX Professional Makeup Matte Finish Setting Spray is available in pharmacies and in Arnotts and retails for €10.