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20th Nov 2018

VIDEO: Look to the 1960s for your stunning festive-friendly hairstyle

Louise Carroll

Brought to you by LanaiBLO. 

If you’re wondering why, well…

The sixties were eventful. It was the decade that saw heaps of cultural and political change, it was the dawn of sexual revolution, it gave us The Beatles, Jane Fonda, Brigitte Bardot, Twiggy and… big hair.

Filled with inspiration, we’re looking for a special twist on the swingin’ 60s backcombing, beehive-esque looks, and the modern take created by LanaiBLO has managed to pull together the ideal mix of classy, elegant and unabashedly sexy hair. (LOVE!)

LanaiBLO is the Irish-owned company behind the 2,400 watt, super-fast drying hair dryer that gives an anti-static effect to hair, plus, it’s kind to hair extensions too.

If you’re looking for fabulously groomed locks or indeed, the most thoughtful of gifts, add it to that Christmas list! It makes just about any hairstyle achievable and EASY to create. It’s also super practical for travel and its long cord makes manic mornings a whole lot less stressful.

If you take a peek at you can purchase personalised gift vouchers and even an electric candy, rose gold or white personalised hairdryer! For the woman in your life (or indeed, your worthy self) who lives for great hair — we think it could make for the merriest Christmas of all.

Brought to you by LanaiBLO. 

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