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09th Jul 2018

This new €10 Urban Decay dupe is absolutely unreal

Rebecca O'Keeffe

urban decay dupe

You’re welcome.

I love a good eyeshadow palette, especially when I can actually use every colour.

You know what else I love? A bargain.

That is exactly why Rimmel’s new eyeshadow palette has me super excited.

The Magnif’Eyes Eyeshadow palette in Spice launched last week, and I’m obsessed.

A 12-shade all-in-one palette, with eyeshadow, liner and highlighter – this baby should be in every makeup bag.

The best part? The shades are verrrry similar to those in the Urban Decay Heat palette (which, I might add, I also love.)

However, currently I’m livin la vida BROKE-A, so a bargain is needed.

Thankfully, this gorge Rimmel palette won’t break the bank – at a lovely €10.50.

Don’t mind if I do.

On the back of the palette, Rimmel even give us some handy instructions on how to use the shades.

“Choose a light shade to highlight or use as a base over the entire lid. Choose a medium shade to deepen the outer corner.”

“Then use a dark shade to contour the crease of the lid and blend.”

“For a precise line along the lash line, apply a dark shade wet” – simples.

I tried this baby out over the weekend, and I cannot get enough!