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16th Jun 2021

TikTok trend shows how to tan your feet perfectly

Sarah McKenna Barry

Would you give this a try?

When it comes to using fake tan, certain parts of the body are trickier than others. Hands are particularly challenging, but feet? Feet are a no-man’s land.

Luckily, one TikTok account claims to have found the solution to achieving an even bronze glow on the feet.

The Hondrout Twins shared their approach on their TikTok page recently, and fans were divided over the effectiveness of this method.

“Lots of people disagree with this method, but it works for us,” one of the twins says at the start.

The video then shows one of the twins squeezing out a very generous blob of fake tan out onto a towel. Then, with gloves, they push the tan down their legs before working it into their feet. They lather the tan over the soles of their feet, between the toes, and then on top of the feet. They note that if you’ve used too much, you can apply the excess to the rest of your leg by pushing it upwards.


@hondroutwinsReply to @coraxoconnor HOW TO FAKETAN UR FEET! ❤️?? ##faketan ##bondisands ##faketanroutine ##viral @bondisands


Needless to say, viewers were a little confused. Typically, beauty experts advise applying to your feet last, and only using the leftover tan that’s on the mitt.

However, some saw the merit in the twins’ method.

“This method is amazing,” one person wrote.

Another shared that they use the same approach, but with less product.

“I don’t do as much but I use this method and LOVE IT,” they wrote. “Takes longer but has such a better turnout.”

Others were not quite as convinced. Many took issue with the amount of fake tan they used, and noted that a large portion of it ended up unused on the towel. Additionally, some felt that the technique would result in large blotchy spots on the feet and legs.

“They waste so much tan and don’t even looked that tan,” one person wrote.

Another simply described it as “chaos”.

In any case, the twins seem to swear by it, but results, naturally, will vary.