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06th Jun 2019

This blogger just revealed an incredible tanning hack and we’re dying to try it

Rebecca O'Keeffe

tanning hack

Not all heroes wear capes.

We all know the pain that comes with applying f6ake tan.

You think you’ve nailed it, only to wake up the next morning just a little bit streaky.

Rarely the fault of the tan, streaks usually happen as a result of application.

It happens to everyone, but apparently, there is a way to avoid these killer streaks.


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When all you need is a little sparkle… @apmmonaco #apmmonacopartner #apmmonaco #collab

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Social media influencer (and absolute BABE), Elle Ferguson, recently shared a BRILLIANT pre-tanning hack for achieving a streak-free tan.

Oh, and this hack isn’t #spon… the hack won’t cost you a penny.

Speaking to Whimm, Elle revealed that before applying tan, she has an ice cold shower. YIKES.

Why though?


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“It closes… your skin so when you apply tan, it doesn’t sit in your pores – it glides on smoothly for an even coat and gives you a golden glow,” she said.

Excuse us… that is GENIUS!

So before you go lashing on the good stuff, have a very quick cold shower.

Sure, you’ll be only gorgeous.