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27th Feb 2018

The number one item Irish shoppers buy with Boots advantage points

Cathy Donohue

What do you buy?

Although you might go into Boots for one item, let’s say deodorant or mouthwash, but somehow you emerge with a new foundation you’ve heard good things about, the latest mascara, and nail polish remover because it’s always handy to have.

There’s nothing better than getting to the checkout and realising you have some points to spend, reducing the amount of cash you have to hand over.

To mark the launch of the Boots Advantage Card going digital, the popular pharmacy chain has released some interesting research.

It turns out that there’s one item Irish shoppers always buy when using their points up and it wasn’t our first guess when chatting about this subject at the Her desk.

Cotton pads are the number one choice with bottled water in second place and Boots Cucumber Face Wipes rounding up the top three.

As regular Boots customers will know, you get 4 points for every €1 spent and as a special offer, customers that download/upgrade the app avail of a bonus 400 points when spending €20 in store or online.

Instead of having to carry another card in your wallet/purse, the digital version of the app means you just present your phone at the till which sounds pretty simple to us.