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16th Jun 2022

The easiest way to achieve simple festival make up

We got you.

Euphoria may have already done it, but festival make up is back and we need some ideas ahead of some of the country’s biggest gigs.

According to the show’s make up artist Donni Davy, you can wear glitter to the grocery store as you would to a music festival.

While we’re all for this, we think for this festival season we’ll stick to just that, but who knows, maybe when we get bored in winter you’ll see us rocking it in the middle aisle in Lidl.

When it comes to recreating a look for a festival, less is more. Of course we want to go overboard with glitter and jewels, but we need to remember it will be on all day, and we want it to look good from the moment it goes on until the second you get into your sleeping bag.

Vogue makeup artist Lisa Houghton revealed on their site the best ways to make festival make up work for a long day.

Glitter works but in smaller doses, Lisa suggests that you should go for a fine-grade pigments in a pale shade like silver or pink and apply only on the eyes rather than your cheekbones.

She then says to keep your skin and lips simple and swap out the foundation for a tinted moisturiser.

“When using bold colours on the eyes, it’s important to balance the face with a hint of blush,” says Houghton.

This summer is all about the healthy, glowy, sunkissed looking skin, and a festival is no different, keeping your face make up lighter will help it last longer.

While we’re probably all going to neglect our skincare while at a festival, a simple moisturiser is a must. The more hydrated your skin is before your make up, the longer it will last.

By adding a bronzer and adding a hint of highlighter for a luminous effect, you can achieve the shine you want at a festival, without looking cakey and washed out.

But of course, face jewels are never a bad idea, sticking a few on your high points can elevate it without ruining the look – once you don’t go overboard.