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24th Jul 2023

Dermatologists explain dangers of latest TikTok skincare trend ‘SPF cocktailing’

Ellen Fitzpatrick


SPF cocktailing has become the latest beauty trend to take over TikTok – but experts are saying you should avoid it at all costs.

The trend sees people taking their SPF and mixing it with another product before applying the concoction to their skin.

People typically have been doing this with concealers or highlighters as a way of reducing the white cast that some SPFs can leave, and cutting out steps in our routine.

However, despite its popularity online, dermatologists and skin care experts are highlighting the potential dangers associated with this method.

“By mixing SPF with products such as concealer or highlighter you are leaving the skin entirely exposed to the dangerous UV rays, which will very likely burn the skin and potentially lead to skin cancer down the line, not to mention leaving you more prone to premature ageing,” Dr Ross Perry, medical director of Cosmedics skin clinics told RTÉ.

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Dr Paris Acharya, a leading aesthetic doctor and face surgeon went on to explain why this is a particularly bad idea for our skin by noting that other products can take away from the benefits of SPF.

She said: “When you mix an SPF with your other make-up products, such as foundation or concealer, you are changing the overall properties of the SPF and diluting the strength of the product.

“This will therefore reduce the protection that you will be getting from the SPF. There may also be certain products within your make-up products that may interfere with the way that your SPF is meant to work.”

While thousands of people are trying out this trend as a way of avoiding white cast effects of SPF, the solution is simple; By applying a good moisturiser prior to your sunscreen, it will allow the SPF to absorb into the skin better and reduce any unwanted colour.

Apply each product separately and layering rather than mixing, we can give our skin a better chance of absorbing each and getting all the benefits.

This being said, it is important to wear SPF separately and not rely on one that is mixed into our foundation or any other product as it can have the same impact as mixing the two together.