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28th Aug 2021

The reverse cat-eye is the latest beauty trend we adore

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Our next night out look.

We’re constantly looking for new ways to do our make up, there’s always a need deep down to keep up with all the latest trends.

And more times than none, the best make up switches are the most simple ones, the ones that aren’t too complicated but the impact is insane.

The latest trend that has caught our eye is the reverse cat eye, and it’s exactly what you’re thinking it is.

Any look with eyeliner never gets old, so this is definitely one we should all be trying for our next night out.

This however is a little different to your traditional winged eyeliner look, instead of putting it on your lid, with this trend we want to focus on the lower lash line.

The end result gives a smokey and sexy undereye that creates a wing at the outer corner, still giving that cat-eye effect we all look for.

The trend came from TikTok make up artist @paintedbyspencer, who captioned the look: “Have you tried the reverse cat eye? It’s my favorite.”

And he was right, make up artists around the world have taken the look on, creating their own versions and doing their own take on it.

But Spencer is the one to go to for the best advice on how to recreate this look, saying: “First things first: Run a greyish-toned eye shadow through the upper lid.

@paintedbyspencerReply to @katerinasmind I hope this helps! ❤️??‍? #fypシ #foryou #FerragamoLetsDance #makeup♬ original sound – Tik Toker

“Once it’s really blown out and effortless, take that same shade and run it through the lower lash line.

“This is where it gets fun. Now I’m taking a gel black liner and I’m gonna run this pencil through my waterline. The important part here is to really bring it into the inner corner.

“Extend that inner corner, then wing it out on the outer corner. Don’t worry about bringing it down too far—just keep it in the waterline. Once we smoke it out with a brush, all of that work will be done for us.

“Now take a detailed eye brush with some black eye shadow and diffuse out the edges. It’s really, really, really easy. It’s simple, short, sweet, to the point and nearly foolproof.”

It’s that simple, so simple that even the likes of Kim Kardashian and Kristen Stewart have jumped onto this trend.