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15th Jun 2018

PrettyLittleThing is now selling chaffing bands for your chub rub and oh my Christ

Jade Hayden

Summer is saved.

If you’re a woman who has any amount of skin on her thighs, you’ll know all about the trials and tribulations of the dreaded summer chub rub.

You’re sweating from every pore on your body and yet all of it seems to be pooling on the inside of your legs.

The skin begins to dry up and the chaffing starts.

The pain is unbearable.

You all know the score, we don’t need to go into anymore detail.

There are a couple of things you can do to combat the rub but most of them involve slathering yourself with creams, gels, and powders throughout the day at inconvenient intervals.

And, contrary to popular belief, it is hard enough to look graceful and attractive when you’ve got your hands shoved between your sweaty legs in the middle of town.

Never fear though because a product has just dropped on PrettyLittleThing that is going to change the chub rub game forever.

Chaffing bands – bands for your legs that stop chaffing.

They exist. And we have never been happier.

According to PLT, the bands allow you to “put your chafing days behind you and make these bands your saviour. Featuring one pair of black bands, style these under any look for extra support and a ton of comfort.”


Now, the bands are selling for €12 for one pair but they are currently out of stock.

Grim but like, also understandable because who among us isn’t going to be buying a pair of these beauties ASAP?

While we wait patiently for PLT to restock though, we always have these DIY chaffing tricks to keep us busy (and not in intense agony).