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07th Aug 2023

Prada launches its own skincare and makeup range and it’s refillable

prada beauty

We need to try this…STAT!

Prada has launched two new beauty lines under the names of Prada Skin and Prada Colour.

They’ve been available since August 1st on the luxury brand’s website, but they have yet to touch down in Ireland.

Launching a new line into the heavily saturated market of skincare and makeup is a daunting feat, but we’re expecting the brand’s formulation and results of these products to be as high end and luxurious as every other Prada product.

Experts often hum and haw around the idea of a fashion brand stepping into the skincare and makeup realm, so we’ll be dying to know their opinions as the products begin to face the critics.

Both lines, Prada Skin and Prada Colour, have been designed to be refillable, which we love.

The Prada Beauty line is developed by the L’Oréal group, under a license agreement that came into effect in January 2021.

In a statement, a Prada Beauty spokesperson said: “Realised in tandem, the respective skincare and makeup collections reconcile minimalism and maximalism; sophistication and playfulness; simplicity and versatility, drawing from both heritage and technology for formulas and packaging that bring luxury and responsibility into harmonious conversation.”

The new beauty brand is by no means cheap, and has been positioned “at the top-end” of the market with creams and serums costing up to €370 – ouch…

In terms of the makeup line, it looks like pricing will be somewhere in the region of €60 for the “Reveal” foundation – but customers will save if they come back to refill at €50.

The new collection includes:

  • 33 shades of “Reveal” foundation
  • 26 “Monochrome” matte lipsticks
  • six “Dimensions” eyeshadows quads inspired by classic Prada prints
  • three “Augmented Skin” skincare products
  • ten brushes and tools

If you get the chance to try either new brand, let us know your thoughts over on facebook and instagram in the comment section.