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30th Sep 2018

People are loving these ‘anti-ageing’ pillows, but we’re not convinced

This is intriguing...

Hmmm… We are not sure what to make of this one.

A company called “MyFacePillow” is after launching a product that supposedly fights anti-agening, wrinkles and is a treatment for acne.

According to the company, the cause for many fine lines and wrinkles is due to your sleeping arrangement. They believe that sleeping on your side is harmful to your skin as your face is pushed against a pillow throughout the night with no room to breathe.

Therefore.. MyFacePillow has created a head rest that helps keep your head upright, stopping you from rolling over and allowing your skin to breathe throughout the night.

The pillow has padded sides and relieves pressure from your face by keeping you off your side.

Although the pillow looks bizarre to us, people seem to love it and the five star reviews are rolling in for this product.

One user said: “Ordered this product after reading that, the way you sleep can cause skin creases/wrinkles. I absolutely love this item. I’m so glad I purchased it, and I’m already noticing differences in my skin. I am absolutely over the moon.”

While another consumer said: “Really lovely pillow. Very good material and soft. Moulds well to the shape of your head and neck but supports the side of your face nicely without squashing it. Would recommend.”

Although all the reviews seem positive, there is just something about this product that slightly creeps us out.

Maybe this one we need to try and see for ourselves.