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15th Feb 2019

Tried and tested: the new No7 HydraLuminous Foundation will have you GLOWING

Rebecca O'Keeffe

No7 HydraLuminous Foundation

Brought to you by Boots No 7.

Brighter skin? Yes please.

I always get excited when I learn about a new and exciting beauty product.

Which may explain why I almost died reading about the new foundation from No7!

What’s so exciting about this shiny new product, I hear you ask?

Well, the new No7 HydraLuminous Foundation includes some pretty incredible ingredients.

It contains a blend of pearl and powder that instantly adds radiance to your skin – something we all need.

There are also some epic skin-loving ingredients, such as vitamins A, C & E together with Grapeseed oil.

So not only will you get the coverage and glow you want, you’ll also find your skin nourished and moisturised.

Dreamy, right?

So naturally, when I was asked to trial the product, I basically jumped at the chance.

I decided to give the No7 HydraLuminous Foundation a go on a day where I was feeling particularly exhausted.

My skin was having one of those “grey days” as I call them; I was just looking a bit meh.

There were no major issues with my skin, no blemishes or any of that, but my complexion just wasn’t cute.

So I applied the No7 Hydra LuminousFoundation (in “Beige”), and I was not disappointed.


The first thing I noticed was that the product was a delicious consistency – not gloopy or thick in any way.

It went on easy and smooth, no cakeyness, which I was a massive fan of.

Once I applied the foundation, with a buffer brush by the way, I was delighted.

My skin looked radiant and fresh, which was certainly a change from before.

And you know what? The foundation works its magic throughout the day!

After using the No7 HydraLuminous Foundation for a few days, I found my skin had a natural glow – even when I wasn’t wearing makeup.

So, I can only begin to imagine how gorgeous I’ll be looking after a few more weeks of using this baby.

The No7 HydraLuminous Foundation range is available exclusively in Boots stores and online a for a very reasonable €20.

It comes in 12 glorious shades, so there’s something to suit everyone.

Oh, and if you want even more amazing coverage, you need to try the No7 HydraLuminous Dark Circle Concealer.

A winning combination, I promise!

Brought to you by Boots No 7.