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03rd Sep 2022

The ‘milky mani’ is the only nail trend you need to know about right now

milky mani

So pretty.

If you love a classic French nail or are a die-hard fan of Essie’s cult-neutral Ballet Slippers shade, this trend is for you.

At her recent wedding to Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez was a stunning bride – and not just because of her obvious beauty and drop-dead gorgeous custom Ralph Lauren dress, but also because she was rocking one of the biggest nail trends there is right now – the milky manicure.


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The 53-year-old singer opted for a very long and tapered shape, with her nail painted in a semi-transparent, almost white tone all over the top, so you could still see her white tips through it – like a Frenchie, with a milky top coat.

It was Jo.Lo’s long-time nail artist, Tom Bachik, who was responsible for her wedding day mani, and needless to say, we sense a trend happening.

Not unlike Hailey Bieber’s glazed doughnut nails, the milky mani requires a little prep, and some well-groomed nails and cuticles – but other than that, this style is totally DIY-able at home.


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The best part is that this trend works for everyone, since the shade looks beautiful on very dark to very pale skin tones and works with all the nail shapes, whether you like them short and neat, or long and elegant.

According to Glamour magazine, some of the best shades to pick up if you are looking to try the milky mani at home are Essie’s Vanity Fairest, CND’s Vinylux Polish in Bouquet or Nails Inc’s Be Fearless Switch Off.

“The key is to keep the polish sheer with 1-2 coats, rather than layering it up so that it becomes opaque, that way the natural pink of your nails will still show through.”


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