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28th Aug 2019

Luscious festival hair! 5 tips that will ACTUALLY have you see a difference


Brought to you by Nourkrin®

Ah, festivals. They make for weekends well spent, that’s for sure!

Just think, skin glowing with glitter, the entire gang embracing their wild side with vibrant festival chic, embracing life outdoors (for those of us not glamping at least) and moving to our favourite tunes — it’s utterly dreamy.

Each year, however, we’re faced with the same dilemma — our hair and what to do with it.

Well, we know for sure that we don’t want it looking greasy or getting dry and damaged — our primitive fears if you will.

So the folks at Nourkrin have lent their expertise to help the festival-going women among us embrace the fun-filled weekend while ensuring their hair is feeling and looking its best. First up is…

1. Enjoy a nourishing oil treatment

To avoid straw-like locks especially when under exposure to sun, heat and chlorine in swimming pools, opt for a coconut, olive or jojoba oil hair treatment. It will leave hair feeling moisturised, silky smooth as well as soft. Plus, it will leave it stronger than it was before.

2. Consider pipe braids and mini braids

Braids are a girl’s best friend — at least at festivals! Rather than battling with washing your hair over a bucket, style your less-than-fresh locks and embrace the latest hair trends. Braids and styling, in general, will hold so much better on hair that hasn’t been shampooed and conditioned for a day or two (or three), so there’s a big positive to having not-so-fresh hair.

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3. Give it a break

Styling, straightening and drying together make up to be one of the common causes of hair loss. Give hair a break and let it be free! Allow hair to do as it pleases as often as you can and in fairness, what better place to let it all go than at your favourite festival?

4. H2O!

Indeed, water is essential for carrying out all the body’s functions, but remember, it’s also essential for hair. In the summer months especially, we can forget to up our water intake even with rising temperatures and moving non-stop at music festivals. It can mean our scalp is missing out and this dryness of the scalp could lead to hair loss.

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5. Suncare is key

And not just for skin!

Extensive sun exposure can cause hair to bleach or even shed — that’s before we consider what the sunshine can do to our scalp. Ouch!

Being consistent with the measures we take to care for our hair is essential and it makes a huge difference in the manageability and appearance of our stunning mane.

However, studies have shown that one of the most effective methods for maintaining strong, healthy hair comes from the inside by using Proteoglycan Replacement Therapy.

Nourkrin is the original hair growth supplement and having amassed over 30 years of research and development, it is a natural, safe and drug-free way to normalise the Hair Growth Cycle, promoting hair growth and reducing hair shedding.

Nourkrin is the only hair growth product to contain the unique ingredient Marilex, which contains levels of specific proteoglycans that regulate hair follicle functioning.

Clinical studies have shown Nourkrin normalises and restores the Hair Growth Cycle by prolonging the growth (anagen) phase by encouraging dormant hair follicles to re-enter the growth phase, regardless of the initial disruption and hair loss condition and to help promote healthy hair growth.

So, ladies! Not only have you the best tips and tricks for next weekend but you know exactly where to look if you’re dreaming of a naturally fuller, healthier head of hair. It’s worth treating hair with care, after all, it’s our crown and glory!

Brought to by Nourkrin