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20th May 2019

Helen Mirren just dyed her hair bubblegum PINK, and you just need to see it

Rebecca O'Keeffe

helen mirren

An icon.

Ladies, we’re so used to the celebrities going mad with hair colour changes.

It feels like members of the Kardashian/ Jenner clan have new looks every damn week.

And they’re all class, in fairness.

However, there’s nothing quite like a truly unexpected hair change in Hollywood.

Which is probably why we nearly fainted when we saw Dame Helen Mirren rocking the red carpet in Cannes over the weekend.


Well, because the 73-year-old icon has dyed her hair pink. Yep, bubblegum pink.

And honestly, we’re overwhelmed.

helen mirren

The English actress traded her white hair for pink locks – a look that seriously suits her.

Helen rocked an embellished gold Elie Saab gown for the event, along with the pink hair. Good GOD she looked sensational.

The hair in question was styled by L’Oreal Paris’ Stéphane Lancien, who did a truly brilliant job kitting out the actress.

However, the pink joy was short lived sadly.

The day after the event, Helen was seen back to normal, with her white hair.

Petition for Helen Mirren to make the permanent change to pink hair, anyone?

We can’t believe how well it suits her!