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03rd Oct 2017

GHD is bringing back the noughties with their latest product

Major throwback...

Revival of the crimp.

We never EVER thought we would be excited for this hairstyle to make a reappearance but… it looks like we were wrong.

After hiding all our teenage photos, where we rocked dodgy crimped hair in an attempt to look like Britney Spears.. we are now ready to take the plunge again and give this look another shot.

According to Ghd global ambassador Adam Reed, AW17 is all about crimping. He says, “It’s time to look back to the future as hair is all about an overdose of texture this season.”

If you’re willing to give the trend a go and don’t want to look like your teen-self, he recommends keeping it modern by only crimping a section of hair. We are thinking sleek crimped ponies.

GHD Contour Professional Crimper is now available to buy here and costs €99.

Taking inspo from the celebs and hair gurus, it looks like crimped hair is the new IT trend. Here are some ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

Idea 1.

Idea 2.

Idea 3.

Idea 4.

Idea 5.

We love the crimped look that the new GHD contour creates. Available now for £99. #crimpedhair @josephshairteam #80’shair

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Idea 6.

Idea 7.

Idea 8.