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26th Jan 2022

Genius hack cleans your beauty blender instantly – no, really

frozen Beauty Blender hack

We’re sold.

Beauty blenders, we love them but they can be one of the worst things in the world to clean.

One woman on TikTok has saved our lives when it comes to these beauty favourites, revealing a new and very easy way to clean them and honestly, it’s a game changer.

Our new hero Leanne on TikTok has shown an amazing way to get your beauty blender looking brand new again after you’ve used it.

To start, she grabs all of her beauty blenders (don’t lie, you’ve got an endless supply too) and puts them in a standard bowl before covering them in a scoop of Vanish oxide advance powder, yes the stuff we use to get stains out of our clothes.

She then poured hot water from the kettle over them, she lets them sit in the mixture for an unspecified amount of time, then used a normal spoon to cover each and every beauty blender.

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Once the liquid has cooled and finished bubbling, she then drains the water with a sieve and rinses off each blender under the tap.

And ta-da, they’re spotless, just like new, and you know yourself, these can get expensive so we can’t be buying a new one every time.

Hacks around beauty blenders, with the world of TikTok saying that if you freeze them before using them, it can change the way your foundation goes on for the better.

After the TikTok account @gwmakeup shared the hack, it instantly went viral, giving a “smooth and flawless finish.”

While the hack worked for some, make up artists recommend that for the best foundation finish, warm your foundation in hands before applying it.