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05th Oct 2018

Too Faced’s Better Than Sex mascara has a fairly different name in Saudi Arabia

Jade Hayden

better than sex

Ah, god.

We’ve all heard of Better Than Sex mascara.

The Too Faced cosmetic has become somewhat of a staple of the mascara community (?) in recent years.

Mainly due to the fact that people haven’t stopped arguing about whether it’s actually better than sex or not.

Our suspicions tell us that the answer is, in fact, no.

That hasn’t stopped the product from being intensely successful though, sold all around the world in countries like Ireland, Canada, Mexico and, of course, Saudi Arabia.

Better Than Sex mascara, however, isn’t called Better Than Sex mascara in Saudi Arabia.

In Saudi Arabia, Better Than Sex mascara is called… Better Than Love.

Too Faced BTS mascara censored into Better Than Love in Saudi Arabian Sephoras from r/MakeupAddiction

Just beautiful.

And far more wholesome (and accurate), to be fair.

The discovery was made recently by Reddit user ‘L0571’ who shared the photo after they picked up the product in a Saudi Arabian Sephora.

It wasn’t long either before people started sharing their own stories of things with names that were censored to say other things.

And some of them are super interesting.

One user said:

“Becca’s Champagne Pop has been edited to C-Pop in France because Champagne is a protected name here (AOC-AOP). Only the sparkling wine produced in France, in the Champagne region, following strict processes, can be called Champagne.

“Any other use is illegal and the Champagne union/lobby will sue the fuck out you if you try to use it.”

Another said:

“Also the Nars Orgasm is just O.”


“They changed so many of them to just a letter or abbreviation! Super orgasm is SO, seduction is SED, deep throat is DT, etc.”