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26th Mar 2019

This €10 eyeshadow palette from Penneys has 22 UNREAL shades

Rebecca O'Keeffe


Okay YES.

So you have probably guessed it by now, but we have a real love for Penneys.

It’s the kind of store you can walk into with €50, and walk out with a full outfit.

And the outfit will be gorge, which makes it even better.

We all kind of associate Penneys with fast fashion bits, from designer dupes to bargain staples.

But, we have to admit that their beauty products are UNREAL at the moment.

While having a look through the amazing beauty aisles in Penneys, we found something truly amazing.

Say hello to the most delicious eyeshadow palette you have ever seen.

It is part of their Dessert Queen collection, which is filled with glorious products designed to give you the perfect summer glow.


The palette we love so much contains 22 shades, which is unreal regardless.

But, we have to admit that we’re pretty obsessed with every single colour that comes in the palette, which is pretty unheard of.

It’s a mix of bronzes, pinks and oranges, that all suit pretty much every skin tone.

There’s a fab mix of matte and shimmery shades too.

Oh and sorry, did we mention the PRICE? Because this unreal collection of eyeshadows is currently available for €10.

YEP, a tenner.

I mean, you’d get it nowhere else.