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16th Apr 2019

Tried and tested: I got my eyebrows henna tattooed, and the results were UNREAL


Loved it!

Ladies, is there anything better than a fabulous set of eyebrows?

Nothing makes me feel more put together, even when I haven’t a stitch of makeup on (which is basically all the time.)

Usually I tint my own eyebrows, just because I find it handier, and I’m also a control freak.

However, on occasion, I let someone else take the reins.

So, when I got the opportunity to try out the latest brow sensation – I jumped at the chance.

Henna brows are here, and they are absolutely glorious.

Basically, it’s like HD brows, but with a totally organic tint made from henna.

Henna tint is 100% natural, plant based, ammonia free and is not tested on animals. So that’s all gorge.

Off I went to Elysian Brows on Dawson Street, where the lovely Linda took mighty care of my eyebrows.

First, she mapped them out, basically designing the perfect pair of eyebrows to suit my face.

Then came the tint, which not only dyes the hairs, but the skin underneath as well.

This gives the browns more definition, and makes them appear more full – two things I am here for tbh.

After the henna was removed, Linda tidied up my eyebrows with some threading, something I always hate, but the results are just divine.

Seriously, I traded waxing for threading about a year ago, and I have not looked back.

And BAM – I was all done, after about 45 minutes. Stunning all round.

The tint will last up to 6-8 weeks, depending on the person, and it fades naturally.

All in all, I am now a henna brow convert.