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07th Sep 2017

These Harry Potter makeup brushes are absolutely enchanting

They're the magical makeup upgrade we've been dreaming of.
Harry Potter concert

Accio makeup brush!

A few weeks ago, we told you about these Game of Thrones makeup brushes being sold by a company in the US.

They were just so magical that we couldn’t stop looking at the photos.

And then there were the Pokémon makeup brushes that were bringing the perfect touch of 90’s nostalgia to our makeup bag.

But Harry Potter makeup brushes are the newest spellbinding item to catch our eye.

The Etsy shop CookieDoughDeco have a number of enchanting versions of the five piece set up for sale on their shop.

The brushes, fit for the finest witches and wizards, come shaped like Harry, Hermione and Ron’s magical wands.

One is even shaped like Voldemort’s wand.

Each brush is made from nylon bristles, with a metallic finish on the handle – and are available in rose gold, gold, silver and black.

They’re also completely vegan and cruelty free.

There’s a number of options for anyone hoping to blend a little magic into their makeup routine, with prices ranging from €13.47 to €25.23.

And while they won’t be able to be delivered by owl, they do come with the next best thing.

Each shopper has the option to have their magical makeup set delivered in a Hogwarts owl post brown paper packaging, sealed with a string and a wax stamp.

Image of brushes via Etsy/CookieDoughDeco