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02nd Mar 2020

The €8 product I’m currently using for removing stubborn tan (and it works like a dream)

Hero product!

Denise Curtin

There are few things in life that feel as good as those moments after applying a fresh layer of tan.

You feel bronzed. Refreshed. Stunning. It’s great.

What’s not as great are the days that follow when the tan starts to fade and your once sun-kissed hands are looking a little worse for wear with brown knuckles and white fingers.


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And so, the ability to be able to scrub your tan off completely and reapply to continue living the glow life is absolutely vital. But anyone who is familiar with the tanning process and changing up their products will know that different tan products vary in consistency and some can be an absolute pain to remove without taking a layer of skin in the process.

Applying a fresh layer of tan = good, scrubbing it off like a mad woman = bad.

But there’s good news. And that’s in the form of Bare By Vogue. The brand that has quickly become Ireland’s most loved fake tan has one product (besides the tan) that you’re going to be obsessed with.

The skin prep exfoliating mitt.


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The mitt can be used in the shower alongside Bare By Vogue’s tan eraser foam and it’s honestly the tool of wizards for removing stubborn tan without causing damage to your skin.

The mitt removes tan and buffs your skin leaving it fresh and ready for your next application.


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The mitt and eraser work with any tan but having used Vogue’s tanning range for the first time this month, I am now converted to the self tan foam in shade dark.

It smells nice, applies well and fades without thick, nasty streaks.

I mean, what more could you want?

A deep colour? It has that too.

The exfoliating mitt costs €8, the eraser €15, with the tanning range starting at €18.

You can shop the products here.