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17th Sep 2023

Dark Cherry Red: the hair and nail colour you’re going to want to get in on

Your autumnal hair and nail inspo is here.

Autumn has one of the most beautiful colour wheels of all the seasons, which is why beauty trends linked to it are, in my opinion, the nicest of the year.

We’ve, so far, seen predicted trends such as linen blonde, cinnamon cookie butter, and cowgirl copper forecasted to be the most popular hair colours of the season, and latte-mocha-inspired colours for nails, but there has been one late entry that will transfer from head to hands.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like for you to meet Dark Cherry Red.

This one is a deep and vibrant vixen-esque colour with such a romantic energy as well as an edgy element to it.

If you’re planning a switch-up for your hair or a fresh set of claws to clasp around your pumpkin spice on those crunchy autumn walks, you’re not going to want to sleep on this one.

@mimiermakeup do it tbh @Mirta Miler ♬ samsinclairfx on instagram – Kaizen Daily

With a 10,000% increase in Pinterest searches and 162 million views on TikTok, it seems the majority of people have been charmed by these mesmerising colour. And rightly so, as it is the second most popular unpredicted beauty trend for AW23, according to Beauty Daily by Clarins.

So, while none of us saw it coming, we’re so glad it’s here.

Sign me up. I’m ready to pop my dark red cherry as soon as possible.

@emma_lisbon nothing better #darkred #cherryred #lanadelrey #foryou ♬ Ride