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24th May 2017

Create the ultimate mohawk at home in just a few simple steps


It’s the perfect badass hairstyle.

Are you bored of flower crowns and other tired festival hair trends? Then we have got the perfect punk hairstyle for you.

We’ve decided to move away from the usual boring festival hair trends and try something a little bit edgier ahead of the Guns N’ Roses concert at Slane this weekend. After all, there’s nothing rock and roll about a simple up-do is there?

We enlisted the help of hair guru Niamh Cullen and came up with the perfect style for your mosh-pit moments. Ladies and gentlemen, we present the mohawk pull through braid.

This modern twist on an old classic is the perfect badass hairstyle to take you from the concert to the after party. And the best part is you can easily recreate it at home. You won’t even need any gel!

All you have to do is part your hair into three sections. Tie a small ponytail at the front with an elastic band. Repeat behind the first ponytail. Divide the first ponytail in half and pull the second ponytail through the middle. Clip the second ponytail to the front and add more hair to the first ponytail. Repeat this process until all your hair is braided.

You can even follow along with the video below.

See you in the mosh pit.

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