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31st Aug 2019

I tried the entire Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips 2 collection, and ranked them 1-10

charlotte tilbury

Which is your fave?

A while back, makeup artist to the stars Charlotte Tilbury unveiled her hotly anticipated new range of lipsticks – Hot Lips 2.

This is a new, nuanced, suits-all lipstick collection with 11 new lipsticks inspired by 11 iconic women and men.

Charlotte’s muses the collection were some of the most brilliant individuals in the world right now.

There’s Enigmatic Edward (Edward Enninful), JK Magic (J.K. Rowling), Red Hot Susan (Susan Sarandon), Dancefloor Princess (Kylie Minogue), Amazing Amal (Amal Clooney), Angel Alessandra (Alessandra Ambrosio), Glowing Jen (Jennifer Aniston), Carina’s Star (Carina Lau), Viva La Vergara (Sofia Vergara), In Love With Olivia (Olivia Palermo) and last (but never least) Patsy Red (Patsy Tilbury) — Charlotte’s mother, her first beauty icon and one of her biggest inspirations.

How cute is that?

Anyway, some people would see an 11-colour collection as daunting, but I saw it as a challenge.

The gorgeous folks at Charlotte Tilbury sent me the whole collection, which was divine.

So, I decided to try every shade, and report back to you fabulous people as to which were my faves, and which weren’t.

I tried each shade, and ranked them from best to worst (granted, none of them were bad, some just weren’t my cup of tea!)

So without further adieu, here is the entire Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips 2 collection, ranked from 1-10.

10: Viva La Vegara. 

Viva La Vergara is a soft wine matte lipstick in homage to Sofia Vergara.

This baby just wasn’t really my jam. It felt a little too matte on my lips, and it was a colour that didn’t suit me AT ALL!

charlotte tilbury

9: Angel Alessandra.

Angel Alessandra is a sunset, peachy nude lipstick in homage to model, Alessandra Ambrosio.

It’s gorgeous, for sure, but it just didn’t really suit me. Felt a little too peachy for me, which just doesn’t work with my skin tone. However, I’d say if you were rocking a tan, this would be divine.

8: Red Hot Susan. 

I always feel a bit ridiculous with red lippy on, which is probably the reason why Red Hot Susan is falling at number 9. I loved the matte finish to it, but it’s just very red.

7: Carina’s Star.

Carina’s Star is a fresh, illuminating, modern peachy soft coral in homage to Carina Lau. While I can appreciate how pretty this shade is, I didn’t love it!

6: Amazing Amal. 

Amazing Amal is a soft, berry-pink lipstick in homage to Amal Clooney, and I liked it more than I expected to. It would be a great winter shade, to add a pop of colour to a black ensemble.

5: Glowing Jen.

I really liked this shade, however it wasn’t what I thought it was. Having looked at the actual lippy, I thought it would be more nude than pink, which is why it didn’t score higher.

4: JK Magic.

I really liked this one! It’s a soft, flattering, pink-kissed-with-nude in homage to JK Rowling. This wearable, nuanced shade has a dreamy, creamy satin K.I.S.S.I.N.G finish and adds a little magic to your makeup look!

3: In Love With Olivia. 

This baby is a super-flattering, sumptuous pink in homage to the chic and flawless Olivia Palermo. This lipstick looks amazing on everyone! It’s your lips just a bit better!

2: Patsy Red.

My main reason for giving this such a high rank is probably because of the woman that inspired it. I know, I said I don’t wear reds, but this baby is different. Why? Well, it’s inspired by Patsy Tilbury, Charlottes mum, and I think that’s just lovely. I’d love to name a lipstick after my stunning mum.

charlotte tilbury

1: Dancefloor Princess

Oh hello, nude lippy of dreams. This baby is inspired by the glorious Kylie Minogue, and was my favourite shade in the collection.

It’s a pretty, cool-girl, pop-pink that flatters every skin tone and pairs perfectly with a smokey eye! There’s also a luminous soft pearl running through the shade to create the illusion of fuller, wider-looking lips. Gorge.

There youy have it now.

The lippies