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05th Mar 2017

Cara Delevingne debuts new hair and we ALL want it

This girl can make anything a trend.

We’ve been suffering from brow envy for years, and now our jealousy has reached fever pitch.

Cara Delevingne is sporting SILVER hair.

Ok, ok, it could be perceived as platinum blonde, but we think silver sounds better, so let’s make it a thing.

Cara stepped out in Paris last night, with Kendall Jenner (obvs), and not only had she cut her hair into an angular bob that would make early noughties Posh Spice jealous, but she’s gone and dyed the whole thing silver.

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So what’s our verdict?

We love it, anything this girl touches turns to gold… or should we say SILVER (see what we did there).

We also love the pin-stripe suit she was wearing.

It might be a tough one to pull off if you’re not a rail-thin fashion model but it’s hitting ALL the right Beetlejuice notes for us.

Getty images