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31st Jul 2017

A beauty college in Dublin is offering €10 blow dries

That's an unbelievable offer.

Laura Holland


That’s an unbelievable deal.

There’s nothing like a fresh blow dry in between getting your hair cut. It seems so worth it at the time, then sometimes when the bill lands it becomes a bit over-indulgent.

Thankfully, a college in Dublin will now let you get a blow dry and not break the bank.

Galligan Beauty Group on Grafton Street in Dublin City is offering €10 blow dries. Their deal is only available on Wednesday and Thursday with one of their hairdressers in training.

They have another deal on Thursday where you will be seen to by a fully qualified hairdresser for €20 – still very reasonable.

They’ve given three very good reasons for getting a blow dry:

“Your amazing hair can stick around for days.
There’s no need to fruitlessly attempt to achieve a similar look at home.
Allowing a future professional to pamper you relieves stress and actually releases endorphins.”

If that doesn’t convince you then we don’t know what will.