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24th Jul 2019

Beautiful brows! How to use the Benefitness technique to enhance and define those natural contours

Louise Carroll

Brought to you by the Brow BENEFITNESS Routine

It’s time to get in shape.

No, we’re not turning to the StairMaster at the gym (ouch!) but rather, we’re opting to perfect the shape and definition of the very thing that can beautify our face instantly — our brows.

Indeed, it can transform our look ladies, giving a brighter and even more youthful appearance.

So, we’ve teamed up with the true brow expert from Benefit to assist in perfecting our brow shape AND, while we’re on the topic of brows and cosmetics, don’t forget to avail of the last chance offer at Cloud 10 Beauty! You get 10 per cent off ALL Benefit products when you use the code BFF10 and you plus your bestie will get a free gift each! (Offer ends July 30, so get in quick!)

To perfect such glorious brows of yours, Benefit’s National Brow Artist Katie Tiernan detailed her magic routine for us (appropriately named the BROW BeneFitness) that involves conditioning, shaping-up, strengthening, bulking and… repeat.

It’s simples, so stick with us for a minute.

To condition, Katie recommends we get our mitts on the Browvo! Conditioning Eyebrow Primer. It’s a nutrient-rich primer that treats brow hair, creating a fuller looking brow. Worn by itself, the Browvo! conditions and smooths beautifully. As a primer, it will enhance and extend the wear of other brow products.

Then it’s time to shape-up! Brows on fleek are all technique and to really get that precision brow, Katie says to opt for the Precisely My Brow Pencil. The ultra-fine tip and custom grip makes a natural-looking brow ever more achievable by creating those fabulous hair-like strokes.

Then we need to strengthen. When it comes to filling in your brows, look for a product that’s going to give your brow a strong shape and beautiful structure — like Benefit’s Goof Proof Brow Pencil! It promises a soft colour and glide-on formula for both easy and speedy brow filling. Divine.

Finally, to bulk up, whip out that Gimme Brow + Brow Volumising Fibre Gel. While this brow gel helps to tame brows it also adds volume and locks on the colour while keeping unruly hairs in place. (The dream!) The formula uses teeny microfibres that actually mimic the look of real hair. Therefore a natural but full brow look is entirely achievable. Its micro-wand applicator also makes it super easy to apply so you can get instant arches each and every time.

It’s SO simple ladies and there’s no need to go through such hassle trying to create the perfect brow, just let Benefit do it for you.

Take full advantage of the Benefit Bestie celebration on Cloud 10 Beauty! You get 10 per cent off all Benefit products using the code BFF10 at checkout, plus you’ll receive a free gift for you and your best friend when you purchase two Benefit products! Get in there quick before July 30 and say ‘hello’ to marvellous brows!

Brought to you by the Brow BENEFITNESS Routine