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14th Nov 2019

Aimee Connolly has launched her own range of foundation, and we can’t wait to try it



Aimee Connolly has had one hell of a year in fairness to her.

In the last 12 months she has opened her own store, released an incredible primer and also launched a range of lip duos.

Casual enough – especially when you consider she’s running an academy and working as a makeup artist at the same time.

And as 2019 draws to a close, you would have assumed she’d chill, and enjoy the last couple of months.

Not her style lads.

At the end of the last week, Aimee Connolly announced her biggest launch ever – in the form of a foundation.

Not only is this impressive, but launching a foundation is a brave thing to do!

Introducing: Second Skin – your new favourite beauty product.

This is a 100 percent mineral liquid foundation with medium, buildable coverage that gives a radiant glow.

The foundation comes in two different formulas: Dewy and Matte.

Choose the dewy formula if you are normal to dry/dehydrated skin as it will glide on, not setting into any areas and provide a luminous finish.


It gives coverage whilst letting your skin breathe and providing lots of added goodness so you can feel guilt-free when wearing it!

The Matte formula is oil and talc-free, making it perfect if you are normal to oily/sensitive skinned.

Don’t worry however this is not your classic drying matte, it stays radiant yet does not produce any excess oils.

Each formula is available in nine different shades, and comes in at a very reasonable €27.

Aimee, you are killing it!