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29th Jan 2016

A Video Made By 4th Year Students on a Phone Will Do More For Your Confidence Today Than Anything Else

This is really fantastic

We get sent to user generated content all the time and it usually makes us chuckle. We love it.

But today we got sent in something really special.

To preface this video, it’s worth mentioning that last year when we did our Slice of Ireland survey, we discovered that 50% of you are dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with your body image.

We’ve been working on content to change this and we promise something really cool is coming very soon.

But luckily, there’s a group of young girls in Ireland who have also been moved to action.

Isabel Allen contacted us today to share a short video made by Loreto Wexford. The piece, “Reflection”, was made by Isabel, Rebecca Jones, Amy Forde, Genevieve Kehoe and Victoria Hawkins.

Isabel writes:

“In an all-girls school in Ireland, we have noticed there is a lot of focus on body image and we wanted to remind people that the mirror can not reflect personality and that is what counts. We feel physical appearance is only a small percentage of who you are”.

She continued:

Our plan is to spread positivity amongst all age groups. We want to see more smiles!

“’Reflection’ follows the emotion journey that is learning to love yourself. My younger sister, Judith Allen took the lead role of the video capturing the mirrors negative effect. We then asked fellow transition year students and Loreto teachers to feature in our video also. It showed that everyone struggles with their appearance in some way and nobody is alone”.