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03rd Apr 2018

7 hair hacks every kind of lazy girl needs in life


Brought to you by Aussie Hair.  

1. Clean That Brush

Cleaning your hair brush is a must. Over time, oils and skin cells will build up between the bristles of your brush. If you use this to untangle any bits, your hair won’t be as bouncy and fresh for the length of time it could be.

2. Braids = Two Birds, One Stone

If you’ve had your hair in braids, but you’re kind of starting to get over that look by now, grab a hair straightener and press it over your braids. When you let your hair loose – you’ll be sporting some beautiful waves.

3. Use the Right Shampoo for your Hair

If you have colour in your hair – it’s always going to need that bit extra care and attention. Make sure your shampoo strengthens the colour of your hair. Aussie’s Colour Matte Range caters to reds, blondes, and brunettes.  And trust us, this stuff puts ALL that vibrance back into your crowning glory.

4. Wishing for Long Hair?

You could of course go and get yourself some hair extensions, but if you’re looking for a quick fix, do a double ponytail. This means put your upper lengths of hair into a ponytail first, and then tie up the lower lengths very close underneath, giving the illusion that you have luscious long hair.

Also, it’s important to keep hair in great condition if you want to pull of the long hair look as best you can, especially if you’re planning on actually growing it out. Treat those tresses with the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor. The deep treatment works wonders when massaged into the ends each week. You’ll notice the difference straight away.

5. Bobby Pins

So, you’re finding that they come loose and you’re really sick and tired of losing them. Not sure we can help with the later, but they’re falling out because you’re probably not popping them into your hair the right way. Basically, whatever way you think is correct – go ahead and turn that bobby pin upside down.

6. Straight to Curly

If you have super straight hair but are longing for those curls, it can be quite the tricky scenario. Try folding hair into a curl-like shape, wrap in tin-foil, and hold a hair straightener over it. You’ll find that these curls last MUCH longer than the ones you’ve had before.

7. Thee Bun, Thee

If all else fails, we’re pretty sure a messy bun will never, ever go out of style. It’s just not possible… right?

Brought to you by Aussie Hair.

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