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21st Jan 2020

8 GORGEOUS little matching tattoos you should get with your BFF


Rebecca O'Keeffe


Nothing says ‘friends for life’ quite like getting a matching tattoo permanently inked onto your skin, right?

For years, myself and two of my besties spoke about getting tiny matching heart tattoos, and last year we bit the bullet.

They’re about the size of a 2 euro coin, but they mean SO much to each of us.

Now, I appreciate that matching tats are not for everyone, and I would advise some serious thinking before you go for it.

However, if you and your BFFs do decide to get some cute little tattoos, you will need inspiration.

That is where I come in (you’re welcome).

I have scrolled through the magical pages of Pinterest, and have tracked down some of the most gorgeous little matching tattoos.

They kind of make me want another… too soon?

Anyway, let me know if you’re inspired by these, or if you have any matching tats of your own!

The sun, moon and stars! How CUTE?

Pinky promise!

Matching flowers, because why the hell not?

Lightning bolts… because you’re both FIRE!

Pick an important date.

Tiny dinos, because they’re so darn cute.

This baby is a Native American symbol for ‘friendship’.

Could this BE any better?

Feature image via Nakid Magazine.