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21st Sep 2018

Bride’s list of wedding day ‘regulations’ is the most bizarre thing you will see all year

Keeley Ryan

A bride-to-be’s list of wedding day “regulations” has gone viral – mostly because they are just so OTT.

One Reddit user shared a screenshot of an email from somebody claiming to be the wedding co-ordinator for the couple.

It all starts normal and seemingly innocently enough.

It begins:

“Good morning, [blocked]. My name is [blocked] and I am the wedding coordinator for [blocked] and [blocked] Sanders.

“I am reaching out to all confirmed guest to do a finally head count and go over some rules and regulations of the wedding day.”

They ask the guest if they are still going to be attending to the wedding with a plus one, which…yeah, ok, fair enough.

Then it goes into the ‘rules and regulations’, which is where things get fairly extreme.

They include….

  1. Please arrive 15-30 minutes early.

  2. Please DO NOT wear white, cream or ivory.

  3. Please do not wear anything other than a basic bob or ponytail.

  4. Please do not [have] a full face of makeup.

  5. Do not record during the [ceremony].

  6. Do not check in on FB until instructed.

  7. Use #[blocked] when posting all pictures.


  9. Everyone will toast with Rémy. No [exceptions].

  10. Lastly, [you] must come with [a] gift 75$ or more or you [won’t] be admitted.

Some of these are fairly reasonable – well, mostly the arriving early and not wearing white (or a variation of the colour).

The rest of them – like “DO NOT TALK TO THE BRIDE AT ALL” or the necessity of a “basic bob or ponytail” – are a bit over the top.

And the Reddit users definitely agreed.

Some of the commenters wondered if the wedding co-ordinator was actually the bride since it “seems like a bridezilla demand list”.

One person wondered:

“What if your hair is too long to be a bob and too short to be a ponytail? Do you have to get it cut shorter into a bob to attend?”

Another asked:

“What if your hair is shorter than a bob? Can’t come? Must get extensions to attend?”

Someone else commented:

“Wait so there will be a part in the ceremony that they’ll instruct to open Facebook?”

A different Redditor wondered:

“Will they be opening gifts as people arrive and shame marching violators out?

“I would go just to see this. But then I’d get the perp walk when they opened my gift of whatever was on clearance at the dollar store.”