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13th Feb 2019

9 oh-so-adorable (and VERY unique) wedding invitations that you can get off Etsy

Keeley Ryan

There are so many things to taken into consideration when deciding on your wedding invitations.

Do you want something simple? Or do you want something ornate and elaborate? What kind of colour scheme are you looking at? Do you want it personalised per person or a general kind of invite?

And the cost.

It all adds up pretty quickly, really – but there’s some good news if you’re looking to plan your big day on a budget (or simply don’t fancy spending it all on the invites).

Etsy have a variety of options that are not only easy to print at home, but absolutely beautiful as well: saving you time and money, leaving you with some gorgeous invites.

Here are some of our favourite options available on Etsy.

Vellum and foil wedding invitation 

Available here

Blush and navy floral invitation

Available here

Vintage art deco Gatsby wedding invitation ticket

Available here

Nintendo Game Boy-style wedding invitation

Available here

Destination wedding invitations

Available here. 

Haworth literary letterpress wedding invitations

Available here

Rustic personalised portrait wedding invitations

Available here

Minimalistic wedding invitations

Available here

Black and white vellum wedding invitation 

Available here

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