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03rd Oct 2014

WATCH: The Adorable Moment Elephant Parents Rush Over To Save Their Calf Falling Into A Hole

So this is amazing.

Elephants are pretty adorable animals. From their trunks, to their waddle and those happy little faces.

So how could they top their own sweet charm? How about when mammy and daddy elephants rush over to help their calf who’s fallen onto her back… (Yep, that’ll do it)

Six-week-old baby elephant Omysha was trying to climb out of the pit at Zurich Zoo in Switzerland, when her little legs couldn’t quite make the steep ramp.

Taking a tumble, the baby calf fell and landed onto her bum.

Her parents rushed over to Omysha, and using their trunks, pushed the calf in the right direction to an upright position leading her out of the pit.

As if we needed anymore proof that elephants are amazing.

Video via bluekoo T.