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13th Jan 2023

People are discovering you can use AAA batteries in AA devices

Charlie Herbert

Doesn’t look like the safest solution

A TikToker has explained to people how you can use AAA batteries in devices that need AA batteries.

The AA battery is a bit of a staple of the modern world, powering all sorts of devices in our homes. The main one that comes to mind is probably a gaming controller.

There are few more annoying things than being in the middle of a game, whether it’s online with mates or solo taking on the big boss, and the batteries go. You’ve ignored the low battery warning for hours, and not you’re paying the price.

You search high and low around the house for some spares, but this is the 10th time this has happened, and every time you’ve told yourself “I’ll pick up some more batteries next time I go to the shops”, only to forget every single time.

But instead of having to trek to the shops (if they’re open), there may be a workaround you can use that will mean you can temporarily use the little AAAs in the TV remote instead.

By using some aluminium tin foil, you can increase their length so they fit in the AA-sized gap.

Because AAs and AAAs use the same amount of voltage, some people say the lengthened-AAAs will be fine as a short-term fix to power your device.

A TikToker took to the platform to demonstrate the hack to people.

@momboss_girlboss If you don’t have AA batteries use this hack! IT WORKS! #itworks #RufflesOwnYourRidges #illneverbethesame ♬ original sound – ?wynnie?

Many voiced their wonder, with one shocked viewer commenting: “This should be in journal of physics.”

Others said they’d known about this for a while, and that it was an essential piece of information for gamers.

One person said: “Gamers been knew about this struggle.”

Someone else revealed: “My Xbox controllers used to be stuffed w foil.”

A word of warning though, this hack will only last a couple hours at best and you’re eventually going to need to replace them.

And let’s be honest, it looks pretty sketchy.

So, I’d still recommend either stocking up on some AAs or investing in rechargeables, and having some beautiful peace of mind.

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