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18th Nov 2018

Office like an icebox? You need to get yourself these nifty hand warmers


Orlaith Condon


As we all head back to work tomorrow, the weekend will have done some damage to our offices, namely one in particular – the cold.

Yes, offices up and down the country have been turning into freezers over the last few weeks leaving many of us layering up to keep cosy.

Often seeing co-workers rubbing their hands together for warmth, the words ‘tis fierce cold’ were uttered numerous times throughout the day.

Leaving our coats on and amping up the radiators, we suffered through, however, this genius product could have made everything a whole lot easier.

Enter the Smoko hand warmers.

Now, we’ve all seen those little pouches that you pop in the microwave to heat up, but they usually don’t stay warm for long and, you know, effort.

Well, these bad boys connect to your computer through the USB port and keep your mitts toasty all day long.

The uber-trendy fingerless gloves also come in the adorable and appropriate shape of toast. Get it?

These will set you back around €30 but for those who haven’t shopped on Smoko before, you can avail of a 10 percent discount code – win!